Marine Biology

Marine Biology


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Did you know that the ocean takes up 71% of the Earth’s surface but yet 80% of it is still unexplored? If you’ve ever been curious about sharks, whales, giant kelp, or why the ocean is blue, the marine science club is the one for you! Every week we will meet to learn about common marine organisms, how to identify them, where they live, and how they have all adapted to life under water. We will get our hands a bit messy while conducting dissections on several different marine organisms but don’t worry — we have lots of soap! We will also take several field trips throughout the school year to enhance our knowledge of the underwater world! (Previous field trips included visits to SEACAMP San Diego, UCSD’s Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and Birch Aquarium.)

Instructor: Alexandra Mobley

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6th-8th grade, Thursdays, 4pm – 4.45pm


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