Fencing (K-2nd, 3-5th, 6th-8th)

Fencing (K-2nd, 3-5th, 6th-8th)



Fencing is commonly considered a sport, an art, a military science, and a means of upbringing. Fencing has been a part of upbringing in royal, prominent, and aristocratic families in Europe for centuries. As a sport, it stands out from the rest thanks to its aesthetic nature, romanticism, and a colorful and rich culture that dates back millennia. Fencing is a professional sport in Europe and widely popular in the United States.

Once you discover fencing, you realize that it engulfs you fully and is impossible to part with – it remains with you forever.

with: La Jolla Fencing Academy

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3rd-5th Grades, Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30 pm, 6th-8th Grades, Wednesdays, 4pm -5pm, K-2 Mondays, 3:30-4:30 pm


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