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Capoeira is a Brazilian Art form with indigenous and African influence. It mixes dance, music, movement, martial arts, and acrobatic movements. Capoeira is approximately 500 years old, and it has a lot of history embedded in the lyrics of the songs. Through this Art, Kids learn about history, geography, and language, since students sing in Portuguese. The orchestra of Capoeira has a few instruments involved, and in-class students learn about those instruments’ history, techniques, and patterns. Capoeira stimulates rhythm, coordination, teamwork, courage, and an open mindset. Children learn while having fun! My intention as a facilitator is to plant the seed of curiosity in every child’s heart while nurturing body consciousness, physical education, musicality, coordination, teamwork, partnership, and a growth mindset.

Teacher bio:

My name is Ilana Queiroz and I have been teaching Capoeira since the year 1999, in the United States and in Europe and South America. I am a trained Anthropologist and I have a degree in Social work. I have a profound interest in culture and I use Capoeira as a tool to bring nurture and an open mindset, culture consciousness and sensibility to the schools. I come from a three generation family of teachers, I am a mother, I speak four languages, and I am a professional percussionist and a dancer.

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Thursday 3:45-4:45 Grades 6th-8th STARTING Thursday 9/8, Tuesday 3:45-4:45 Grades 1st-3rd STARTING Tuesday 9/13