About This Program:

This class is designed to build upon PK-K creative movement/pre ballet/ pre tap skills, and continues to integrate tap dance with rhythm, tempo and movement.  To challenge and improve coordination and musicality, students will explore rhythms using their feet, hands, body-tapping, etc.  To develop complex thinking skills this class emphasizes the connection between music and rhythm, and pattern and formula.  Class will consist of a brief warm-up/stretch, dance technique, rhythm work, and learning combinations for choreography. This is a 1-hour class, starting at 4:15 on Wednesday afternoons.  Dance attire is required:  Light Blue Leotards w/ or w/o tights, bike-shorts or yoga pants for girls; Black bike-shorts, yoga or sweat pants and White T-shirts for boys; Tap shoes for all; Ballet or Jazz shoes would also be helpful.  Hair should be fastened away from the face.

Instructor: Leslie Padilla

Wednesday 4:15-5:15 pm 


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Program Details & Options:

Tap & Rhythmic Dance

1st-5th Wednesday 4:05-5:05pm, Auditorium