About This Program:

Develop your skills at solving unfamiliar-looking problems in logic and math. We will work in groups and as individuals to solve problems similar to those used for math competitions like the Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS), Kangourou Sans Frontières, or Rallye mathématiques. These problems range in difficulty from easy (although not straight forward) to quite tricky. With practice and training we will improve our abilities to solve them, and gain some knowledge of mathematics outside of what you are learning in school. This program is intended for students who are looking for extra challenges in mathematics. After participating for one or more Sessions, some of the students may decide they are ready to participate in the MOEMS, Kangourou or Rallye mathématiques competitions next year; if so, the plan is to arrange to compete as a team representing SDFAS. Open to 2nd-5th grade.

Notes: Most of the discussion and instruction will be in English. This ASA will *not* be a way to get help on homework or on the math you are learning in class.

Instructor: Harish Praba

Tuesday 3:30-4:30 pm

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Program Details & Options:

MOEMS Elementary Club

2nd-5th, Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 pm in C14