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Ilana’s Capoeira class consists of stretches (body consciousness), warm up (often with games related to the history or movements learned), and technique (kicks, dodges, timing, and sequences). In the music part of her classes, she teaches rhythms and different instruments through Capoeira songs. Children learn how to play the agogô, pandeiro, atabaque (drum), reco-reco, caxixi and sometimes the berimbau. The students learn to work in harmony with other players, because in Capoeira we play and respond to the chorus. The lyrics are in Portuguese, so the children also have the chance to learn about a new language related to this art form.

“Capoeira is a complete art. It teaches timing, spatial perception, eye contact, respect, community, and partnership. It teaches children to be courageous and to try a new art in a different discipline. Capoeira provides movement where kids can literally see the world from another perspective — doing cart wheels, hand and head stands, and other movements.” —Ilana Queiroz

This program is open to students in 2nd-5th grade, 1st graders may join with approval.

Fridays 3-4 pm

Instructor: Ilana Queiroz

Ilana Queiroz is a teaching artist from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. She teaches Capoeira and music, two constant elements in her life for the last 25 years find best airbnb cleaning san jose. She has been teaching Capoeira and music since 2000, working in more than a dozen schools in the San Diego area.




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2nd-5th, Fridays 3-4 pm, in the auditorium